Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mobility City - Wheelchair Repairs, Cleaning & Sales

Mobility City is the premier and one-of-a-kind mobile repair, cleaning and maintenance company for wheelchairs, power chairs, mobility scooters, lift out chairs, hospital beds, and other mobility products, which helps seniors, injured and disabled persons, young and old. We also sell quality products at competitive prices from the Mobility City website and the Mobility City Dollar Saver circular.

Through our "white glove" service program, most durable medical equipment (DME) products are delivered to your home, which includes set up and instructions for use. Below are details and specifications for medical equipment offered by Mobility City.

Manual Wheelchairs
Manual Wheelchairs are the type of device that people must move themselves without the assistance of a battery. You can choose from self-propel, which requires the user to propel with the use of their limbs, and companion propelled, which means that you must have a person to push you.

Power Wheelchairs
Power wheelchairs are battery-powered, motorized versions of standard manual wheelchairs. While mobility scooters can be a great option for outdoor use, a power wheelchair is the best option for those who also require assistance indoors.

Companion Chairs
Companion chairs are transport wheelchairs where the companion pushes the user. Most of the transporters at Mobility City have swing-away leg rests, fixed armrests, and side panels.

3 & 4 Wheel Scooters
3 wheel scooters are designed for indoor use to navigate over smooth surfaces. They provide a sharp turning radius for narrow spaces. 4 wheel scooters are primarily for outdoor use, over rough terrain and offer solid weight distribution and. They provide a wider, sturdier and broader wheelbase.

Lift Out Chairs
Lift out chairs feature a powered lifting mechanism that pushes the entire chair up from its base, allowing the seated user to easily move to a standing position. They are a terrific aid by increasing independence, safety, comfort, and convenience.

Rollators, also known as rolling walkers, are basically sturdy walker frames with three or four large wheels that often include hand brakes, handlebars, a fold-down seat for resting during walks, and a basket for carrying items. They are lightweight and simple to maneuver outdoors on both flat and uneven ground surfaces.

Bathroom Safety
Mobility City will work with you to make your bathroom a safer place. We offer bathroom safety products that range from grab bars and bathtub chairs to transfer benches and toilet seat risers. It is widely known that most accidents happen in the bathroom, so make sure you’re prepared.

Bedroom Safety
Bedroom safety products help improve safety and functionality in your home. Common items include bed rails, bed wedges, clinical stools, foot stools, hip chairs, and geri chairs. Mobility City’s medical linen and medical pillows include hospital-size, disposable, reusable and waterproof options.

Hospital Beds
Hospital beds are often necessary for the bedridden, allowing for position changes that increase patient comfort and lower the risk of bedsores. Therapeutic, low air-loss mattresses are designed with your health and comfort in mind. A mattress overlay, otherwise known as a mattress pad, will also provide improved circulation.

Wheelchair ramps play a vital and complementary role in your renewed mobility by increasing the accessibility of your home and its surroundings. They create an access point for wheelchairs, scooters, and strollers.

Aids for Daily Living
Aids to Daily Living (ADL) items are used to help people perform their daily tasks, such as eating, bathing, and toileting. They allow you to function independently in your own home, with or without a caregiver. Common items include reach assists, dressing aids, pill boxes, eating aids, and more.